The Makers and Merchants Coalition is committed to ensuring small business sellers are empowered to do business online.

Featured Sellers

Gym-n-Eat Crickets

Shelby S. sells her sustainably sourced crickets online

“It’s one thing for me to stand at a market and reach whoever shows up on that day. It’s another thing for me to be able to reach anyone across the US online.”

Check out her store here

Gym-N-Eat Crickets

Hawks Ridge Designs

Elizabeth T. sells handcrafted candles, signs & home decor online

“I am able to reach customers I normally would not if I did not sell online. I am able to sell to people across the country who would not normally be able to shop my products. It also allows me to work from home to be with my family and I do not have to have the overhead cost of having a brick and mortar store.”

Check out her store here

Hawk’s Ridge

Storied Folk & Co

Linley C. sells her lifestyle goods online

“I would say the most advantageous part of selling online is that I can still live in a very rural area and run a successful business that reaches much further beyond my geographical location. That is probably the best part of it.”

Check out her store here

Storied Folk_Logo_Final (1)-page-001

Hand & Home LLC

Linley C. sells her lifestyle goods online

“The benefit of selling online is that you’re just getting your name out to a much broader audience for a much lower budget. I  think it just allows you to get your name and brand out there for a small marketing budget.”

Check out his store here


Linden Lane Artworks

Linden L. sells handmade greeting cards online.

“There is already so much to think about, that having to abide by all these other regulations with your address, this would totally discourage me because of the added time.

I have enjoyed having this opportunity to sell online… This has given me the opportunity to sell across the state and world. The reach is outstanding.”

Check out her store here