A robust online marketplace has never been more important. We value the rights of online sellers to privacy and safety and advocate for reasonable limits to widely sharing personal contact information.


Any virtual marketplace legislation should support, not burden, small online sellers.


The Makers and Merchants Coalition advocates for people who make a living or supplement their income through online marketplaces.


The Makers and Merchants Coalition is dedicated to ensuring fairness in the virtual marketplace, and advocates for sellers who make a living online.

We recognize Main Street’s growing trend toward virtual, especially amidst a pandemic, and the importance of a 21st-century approach to American retail. We seek fair, unbiased legislation and a fair playing field for individuals who sell online.


Online sellers are our friends, family, and neighbors, and their ability to earn a living is being put at risk by privacy-threatening legislation introduced by retail giants under the guise of curtailing counterfeit goods. We’re here to share the stories of these sellers and advocate for policies that allow them to sell their goods to the broadest audience without being put at risk by unfair or privacy-violating government regulations.


The Makers and Merchants Coalition works to educate citizens, policymakers, and industry experts about misleading and harmful legislation that threatens to undermine the privacy, safety, and livelihood of the hardworking individuals at the center of Virtual Main Street. We work with online sellers and local organizations to advocate for the right to do business online without undue risk or burdens imposed by overreaching government regulation.

Protecting Privacy and Safety

Fostering Economic Vitality

Ensuring Honest Trade