MMC and Small Business Owners Send Letter to Congress Voicing Opposition to SHOP SAFE Act Inclusion in China Competitiveness Package

Read the full letter here.

More than 60 small business owners from across the country signed on to a letter to Congressional leadership and conferees asking them to exclude the SHOP SAFE Act (HR 5374) from the Bipartisan Innovation Act, currently under consideration.

As noted in the letter:

“SHOP SAFE will do more to unintentionally endanger this country’s thriving small business community and its customers than it will to fulfill the bill’s intended purpose…”

“SHOP SAFE could effectively devastate how America’s thriving small business community operates online…”

“By effectively allowing trademark holders to further contest product listings and increasing the liability threshold for online sellers, the onus for our country’s counterfeit problem will be shoved squarely on the shoulders of Virtual Main Street America.”

The letter comes as key Members of the House and Senate intensify negotiations around what will be included in the final conference report.