The Seller Resource Center provides a variety of resources for online sellers, such as policy updates, SBA Community Advantage Loans, community lending programs, federal procurement sales, state resources, digital toolkits, and more. Please find a range of resources for independent sellers at both the federal and state level.

Federal Support


SBA Community Advantage Loans: 
The SBA launched the Community Advantage (CA) loan program to assist small businesses in underserved markets.


Community Lending Programs
The Department of Treasury supports multiple lending programs for small businesses that are creditworthy but are not able to access the capital they need to expand and create jobs.


Federal Procurement Sales
The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) connects the private sector with federal agencies to help fulfill their business needs. Commercial businesses can sell their goods to the federal government through GSA through contracts such as the GSA Multiple Award Schedule program.

Small Business Digital Alliance Toolkit


The Small Business Digital Alliance published a library of free digital tools to help small businesses expand their customer base, manage their growth, find and retain talent, and enter new markets. The library can be accessed through their website.