Nebraska has truly shone in 2023, claiming the impressive No. 4 spot among U.S. News and World Report Best States list. Notably, we’re standing tall in the top 10 rankings for infrastructure (No. 5), education (No. 7) and economy (No. 10). As a University of Nebraska-Lincoln business graduate and an online small business owner — SuLu, standing for Sustainable Luxury and focused on making eco-friendly lip balm — I’m brimming with pride, knowing that Nebraska’s solid foundation has played a pivotal role in my journey.

Running a small, independent retail business with a strong digital presence has allowed me to seamlessly connect with local retailers and customers across the nation. This not only enhances Lincoln’s presence and boosts our local economy but also spreads the word on a national level. It’s genuinely rewarding to have the opportunity to give back to my hometown and create a thriving small business.

Amid the celebrations of National Women’s Small Business Month, I’d like to highlight the incredible female entrepreneurs who are making a difference in our community. They are the driving force behind local opportunities and investments, and they are what truly makes our country’s marketplace extraordinary. Let’s continue to support and empower these amazing women who are shaping the future.

Claire Breskin, Lincoln