Small businesses play a critical role in communities like ours. My own shop, Dorinda’s Chocolates, and others like it provide good jobs and help to keep our local economy healthy. And thanks to the amazing power of online marketplaces, business owners like myself now have unprecedented access to new opportunities not just in Nevada, but practically everywhere.

Getting a business started is never easy, but thanks to the pre-existing infrastructure of online marketplaces, entrepreneurs can quickly set up shop and focus on growing their brands without having to worry about setting up shipping, search, and customer support functions. Even better, these marketplaces allow businesses to reach audiences they might never have dreamed of, which is no surprise given the billions of shoppers who use online marketplaces every day.

Online marketplaces have changed the way entrepreneurs do business, making it easier and faster for new sellers to make their mark. That means more success, more job opportunities, and most importantly more stability for local economies. Our local leaders should continue to ensure small businesses can operate successfully online.

—Dustin Vance, Reno